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I Love Writing So Much

I have started writing since graduating from university.

When the daily chaos of work makes me bored, writing is a way for me to express my thoughts and help me rediscover my life.

My writing often revolves around daily life, family, friends, relationships and about myself.

Writing Helps Me to Be More Mature

My articles record my own journey of growth.

It helps me look at myself after what I’ve done. From there, I will know my strengths and weaknesses to improve myself better.

Writing is like telling a story about my life.

I will write about my successes and my failures.

Then I will learn the lessons for life later.

I will write about the mistakes I made.

Then I will never make that mistake again.

I Write to Remember

Writing helps me capture life’s moments.

It helped me connect to the universe and reminded me that I still exist.

I write because this will help me understand myself better.

I write because I want to show the imagination in my head.

I write because I want to connect with people.

I write because I want to temporarily leave the busy reality and connect deeply with myself.

I write because there are things I cannot say.

I write to be understood.

I write so as not to be forgotten.

I write because there are tons of crazy ideas in my mind and I want to free them.

I Want to Maintain My Passion

Writing is primarily about talking to yourself.

Writing helps me reduce stress, eliminate all sadness, see the positive side of things.

If I ever got bored, I would reread the articles I wrote. That makes me feel happy.

At times like that, I would tell myself that I had to try more, and take a few more steps to continue on my journey.

One of The Ways to Express Myself

When you write a lot, at some point you’ll get people’s attention.

If you write well, there will be followers waiting for your interesting posts.

If you write badly, there will be some feedback, so that you will improve.

If you persevere and constantly improve the quality of the article, then it will rise above the crowd, and you will have many opportunities to develop your career path.

And I will never ignore such benefits. I will never give up writing.

Even though I’m not writing well now. I will still keep trying. I believe that is how I improve every day.

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