Everyone is Stupid, So You Should Be Confident

No One is Perfect

There are many people who always feel like a loser because they think they’re stupid, ugly, unintelligent … and they’re not confident enough to do anything.

Confidence is extremely important if you want to start with anything. Are you going to gain confidence when you have a lot of money, or when you graduate with an excellent degree? Without such things, should you be confident?

Think about it, is anyone perfect?

The answer is that no one is perfect, everyone is born with a very primitive awareness, everyone has to go through the flipping stage, crawling, then learning to walk.

Everyone falls several hundred times during walking and running.

Practice Makes Perfect

People learn how to become better with a single formula that is observing and learning knowledge, then practice, and have practiced, of course, there will be one mistake after another.

No one succeeds in business without failing. If they say they have never failed then they probably see their failure as small, they have at least once lost money without gaining anything.

In fact, by doing what you want to do on a regular basis, you become better and more appreciated.

If you want to be good at writing, eat and sleep with it, find ways to improve by upgrading your knowledge and practicing skills.

If you want to take good pictures, take lots of them.

If you want to do good business, think about it, study hard and start your game.

Failure is temporary and so is success.

It is important that the experience you will gain throughout your life, you will have the confidence to overcome everything.

Only if you have confidence, can you reach your potential.

What makes you fall are the greatest teachers, because they teach you that you still have weaknesses to overcome, and when you recover you will not be too afraid of failure.

When you upgrade yourself to a new level, your new level of confidence will increase. When you know the flow of life, you will no longer be afraid of difficulties, risks and bad things that can happen. And so you will be confident and do what you want to do.

Be satisfied with what you have and strengthen your faith by making progress every day.

Everyone used to be stupid, but progressive people are smarter and stronger every day. Having that is not just by luck, but because they have faith that they will be better, stronger and more successful.

I write every day.

I want to share my life experiences and reflections on life to help you have another perspective on yourself and this life.

I have faith in what I do and I am happy to do what I enjoy.

Everybody is stupid, you used to be like that.

Be confident and improve every day.

Remember, if you fail, people will criticize you for being stupid and ignorant. If you succeed, people will applaud you.

Blogger | Programmer | Entrepreneur | Join me for more helpful insights: https://linktr.ee/amyjandrews92

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