Don’t ignore these lightweight and fast frameworks for your next projects

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Never ever depend on only one source of income

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1. Start a Blog

Maybe you can make your side project a real business.

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Budget Tracker

The list will help you catch up with the speed of web development space

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Ruby on Rails

Check it out if you don’t want to be left behind

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1. JavaScript Continues Keeping Its Position

You can also apply these lessons to any other business

How is JavaScript dominating the programming world?

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1. Games

You may not know about these tips

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1. Dynamic Properties

let dynamicProperty = ‘author’;let book = {
title: ‘JavaScript Best Practices’,
[dynamicProperty]: ‘Amy Andrews’
console.log(book); //…

Let’s save time, be more productive and professional with these techniques

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1. Closure

Let’s add a handful of great tools to your toolbox

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1. Create React App

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