There’s no way of mastering JavaScript without knowing these concepts.

Every JavaScript developer should understand the basic concepts of this complex language.

The below concepts are not all, but these are the common foundational ones you need to know to take a step forward.

Let’s dive right in.


It stands for Immediately Invoked Function Expression. It’s the function that is called immediately after it’s created.

How can you define an IIFE? Look at the example below:

(() => console.log(‘Hello world’))();

As the code is executed, the console will log Hello world immediately.

The reason to use IIFE is to protect variables accessibility. The variables defined in IIFE can not be…

Let’s save time, be more productive and professional with these techniques

Are you looking for more JavaScript techniques?

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll show you 5 advanced JavaScript techniques I’m using to improve the quality of my codebase.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Closure

Closure is an important technique in Javascript. It means that an inner function always has access to the variables and parameters of its outer function, even after the outer function has returned.

We use closure to protect data that we don’t want to expose to the outer scope.

Let’s say you want to increase a counter variable one unit every time a…

Do you want to be more effective and happier in your life and work?

A real sense of self-belief looks very different from the general public’s perceptions.

It’s low-key and modest, having little to do with ego, prestige, or other external metrics of success.

It is not about the desire to come out on top or control people.

It is about appreciating yourself and embracing yourself as you are, no matter how different you may be.

Once you are able to embrace yourself completely, then it is time to live genuinely and meaningfully, regardless of the decisions you make in your life.

You should feel at peace with the choices you make, even if…

Nowadays, we have more information than we can handle

We are inundated with information from many sources, such as emails, chat, and social media, which are arriving at us all at once.

This must end at some point. And it is definitely possible.

In the interest of better helping you with information overload, here are my top seven productivity tips for coping with it.

1. Before You Can Handle New Information, You Must Know What to Avoid.

When you’ve determined your objectives, plans, strategies, and tasks, you’ll know what information is truly essential.

The first step is to determine whether the material you are going to read has anything to do with your present objectives and goals. If it does not, then…

Are you often overwhelmed by self-defeating thoughts?

The reason in which a negative feeling might occur is by anything that another person says or by hearing unpleasant remarks from someone else.

And then you begin to feel your hopes and dreams slipping away.

If you frequently succumb to the feeling of being overwhelmed by worry, anxiety, tension, or sadness due to poor self-worth, you know the symptoms you’ve felt first-hand.

Negativity may have a significant influence on a variety of critical elements of your life, including your health, your job, and your relationships.

It can draw your attention away from the things that are truly essential, which…

These will help you save time.

Being an online business owner may sound like a good idea, but the realities of the job speak for themselves.

Entrepreneurs work in a business environment where no one tells them what to do or what to avoid, and your salary is completely dependent on your abilities.

Entrepreneurship has been my profession for a few years now, yet I don’t believe I have arrived.

However, I’ve walked further on my path than some of you.

There are no shortcuts to entrepreneurship.

Of course, while conquering challenges and learning in the process is something I support, I would have preferred to…

In this article, I’m sharing 7 tips that can help you become a senior software developer. Keep reading.

Complete control over at least one programing language

Skill in the Programming language is a key to get success in the software development field. If you want to build a successful career in software engineering, then you must obtain mastery over at least one programming language because this will help you to gain good control over the software development process.

Java, Python, C++, etc., are some of the programming languages which will be very useful for you. It is generally not recommended that you must learn 3 to 4 languages…

Here, we are listing the nine most common mistakes that developers often make so that you can learn how to avoid them while coding.

1. Lack of the self-confidence

When it comes to writing perfect codes, a new developer often feels nervous. However, if you think that you are not able enough is a mistake that creates serious issues later on. That is why lack of self-confidence is one of the major mistakes made by developers, especially when they start their careers. Programming languages, at first, seem to be complex. …

Dealing with a workload, issues with merge conflicts, and more

Following are the seven most common struggles that junior developers have to overcome and how to deal with them.

Dealing With a Workload

A beginner developer is usually not habitual of following a strict schedule and meeting deadlines. Thus, dealing with the workload at the start seems to be a struggle for the junior developers out there.

Not being able to meet strict deadlines negatively affects the performance of developers.


If you have gone a more significant task to do, divide it into smaller ones. …

7 Smart Things to Follow

In the event that this has occurred to you, don’t be alarmed. There is hope for you.

Others have already walked this route before you, and you may learn from them to better understand your current experience.

Perhaps this experience will also provide you new insight about yourself.

It is quite OK to continue keeping oneself busy even if you are unemployed. It’s also a wonderful time to concentrate on personal growth.

Check out the following seven smart things you can do during this time.

Take Good Care of Your Emotions.

You just learned that something awful has happened, and it must be upsetting.

If you…

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