5 Side Project Ideas for Web Developers

Maybe you can make your side project a real business.

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Learning something new just by theory is useless if you don’t put it into practice. That’s especially true in a field like programming. So, having a side project to practice is necessary if you want to master the thing you are learning.

And maybe you can make your side project a real business. Who knows? ProductHunt, Twitter, GitHub, etc. are built that way. Let’s build yours.

So, without any further ado, below are 5 side project ideas for web developers:

Budget Tracker

A monthly budget tracker web app is not so hard to build for a beginner. But you shouldn’t take it for granted just because it’s a simple app. I mean everyone needs to track their daily expenses. Yes, there’s a demand.

The basic features you’re going to create are nothing special. Users need to define their monthly budget goals. When a user inputs the amount of the money they spend, it will be saved on a server.

To extend it to the next level, you can build a dashboard for management. In the dashboard, users can see finance reports, import and export data, etc. And when users spend over the monthly budget goal, there will be a notification to warn them.

Your Own Youtube

Without any doubt, Youtube is the most popular video platform nowadays. So, how about creating your own video platform?

Don’t overthink. You don’t have to build one like the biggest video content platform on the planet. An MVP version would be OK. Some MVP features can be: uploading videos, playing videos, manage videos.

Smart News Feed

We have so many news websites. It takes so much time to access all of them to read your favorite news. What if you can gather all of the personalized news and put them into a single place? And that is the web app you are going to create, Smart News Feed.

Smart News Feed will watch your behaviors through the web environment and analyze what you often read. And based on the result, it will collect information and display a personalized news feed for you. You don’t need to visit individual websites anymore.

So, build it and let it be a useful source of information.

Portfolio Generator

Nowadays, a degree from a university doesn’t guarantee you a job. The more important thing is your experience. I mean what projects or products you have done. And you need a place to show your work.

Why not build a portfolio generator?

This generator will have a collection of cool portfolio templates. Users just need to choose a template they like, add their works, input some personal information and description. That’s it and they will have a professional portfolio to show to interviewers.

To make a step further, you can create a feature that allows users to design their own portfolios with drag and drop tools.

Job Board

I know there’re a lot of job boards out there. They are, however, general job boards. And you don’t want another general one to be born. You’re going to niche down.

By niching down, your job board only allows posting jobs on a specific market. For example, a designer-focused job board will contain only jobs for designers. By focusing on a specific market, you will reduce the scope of domains you want to serve. Plus, you will develop some specific job-related features for the niche, which I find so interesting to do.

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